Hair Styling

Hair Styling

Have you ever wondered how celebrities get that perfect look on the big screen and on social media? It is time to bring the glam out of you with the latest looks and hairstyles for all occasions. Our professionals assure you get the perfect look that amps up your features and make you walk out of the salon looking like a million dollar, With or without hair extensions and best of styling products to provide you with the best hair styling service in Udaipur.

Bridal Makeup

Special days count for special treatment, doesn’t it? At Amrit’s Makeover , we handle bridal makeup for brides, bridesmaids and for all involved in the wedding party! For more than 20+ years, we are one of the known beauty artists in the city offering a wide variety of services that cater to all your needs while keeping abreast of the latest trends in the beauty industry. For years, we have shown credibility in handling bridal makeup giving our clientele a sense of comfort and satisfaction.

Skincare is nothing less than therapy! Treat your skin special with t our beauty experts who are talented and skilled in performing luxurious facials to suit all skin types. From hydrating facials to problem-oriented skin treatments, collagen growth promoters to oxygen stimulating facials, basic cleaning to anti-tan massage, Amrit’s Makeover gives all men and women the ideal facial services. Our luxurious facial services will leave you feeling confident in your skin lending it a healthy and soft glow!

Skin Care

Ladies, you don’t have to take out extra time to walk to a nail studio for your perfect nails as Amrit’s Makeover has a dedicated team of specialists for your nails! Our experts specialise in various nail services that will scream glitz and glam to your nails. Get top-notch nail art in the form of acrylic, gel, sponging, taping, dip powder, painting or drawing and other popular techniques for all kinds of fashionable nails.

Nail Art
Hair Cutting

Trusting your hair in someone’s hands is a daunting task. Worry not as your hair will be specially treated considering your length, texture, volume and an ardent desire to have them styled up in a way that suits your face and personality. Whether you are a man or a woman, looking for a classy look or something unique, Amrit’s Makeover is the right place to get the much-needed haircut.

Basic Makeup

Men & women keep looking for makeup artists on several occasions. Your search gets over at Amrit’s Makeover where we offer makeup application services with a sense of style suitable for all. When you want a little help for a fashion shoot, editorial, corporate shoot, or special occasion, we are here to make you comfortable with basic makeup and beautify your features to make you look great on-screen and off! Upon leaving, we will let you know a few tricks too!

Feel the difference in the appearance of your nails at Amrit’s Makeover with our manicure and pedicure services. From cutting the basic shapes as per your requirement to relaxing your muscles, and relieving the built-up tension to relaxing your skin, our experts’ know-how is here to treat your hands and feet with utmost care. We use premium products for the treatment to leave you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and new!

Manicure & Pedicure

Hair colour is the best add-on to the hair accessory that can be added to your overall personality. Visit Amrit’s Makeover and get proper consultation considering your skin tone, hair texture, and the dimension of colour on your hair. Based on this, get balayage, ombre, highlights, global colour or trendy touch-ups from our hair colouring expert . Dazzle yourself!

Combating frizzy and unruly hair and wants hair that looks amazing perfect luscious locks, we offer hair treatments semi-permanent & permanent in such as Keratin and Rebonding or smoothening. 

Hair Colouring